Airlines Baggage Policy

Many airlines have and continue to make changes to their baggage policy, and it has affected travelers from the United States to Nepal and other parts of the world. Generally, most major carriers that come to Nepal still allow two pieces of luggage. Domestic connecting flights and code-share flights have luggage limitations of one piece per passenger. However, in a majority of cases the luggage rule of the first and/or primary flight is applicable.

Please make sure that you take into consideration the extra baggage charges while buying a ticket. You can find detailed airline baggage policy by visiting the link below.

Also, our travel consultants are always available to answer questions about baggage (with the most current information) and advise you on the best travel itinerary to Nepal and other leading destinations. Please call us at (508) 203-4590 (USA and Canada), and +977-1-4224455 (Nepal) if you have any questions; you can also email us at

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