Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is located five kilometers south of Kathmandu valley and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. This city is believed to have been built in the third century. Patan is popular for arts and crafts and is also the birthplace of artists like Arniko and Kuber Singh. Patan Durbar Square is a major tourist attraction, filled with primeval palaces, pagoda style temples, baths made out of stone and many Buddhist and Hindu statues. One of the major highlights of Patan is the palace of the Malla kings. In the complex of the palace lies the temple of Lord Krishna made out of stone.

The Lord Krishna temple has 21 spires and a bas (flute) which depicts the scenes from Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Located just north of the Durbar Square is the Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavihar) built by King Bhaskar Verma during the 12th century. Within the temple one can see the golden image of Buddha, wall carvings and a prayer wheel. Towards the east of Durbar Square lies the Mahaboudha Temple, which is made of terracotta tiles and is modeled after the temple in Bodhagaya India, where Buddha was enlightened.

The Rato Machhindranath Temple located outside the Patan market place is dedicated to the God of rain. The temple consists of four doorways with elaborated carvings each one with figures of lions and statues of various animals atop its pillars.

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