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Last Minute Dashain Airfares & Early Bird Winter Fares to Nepal

Last Minute Dashain & Tihar Airfares to Nepal

Are you traveling to Nepal this Dashain & Tihar? Have you booked your tickets yet? If you have already booked early and received an inexpensive airfare then you can just relax and enjoy the summer, before your Nepal trip. But if you have not booked you ticket and are planning to visit Nepal then please call your travel agent for bookings as soon as possible.

Amazing Winter Fares to Nepal

If you are planning to travel to Nepal this winter, it is not early to start looking for affordable airfares. If you book early, you can get the cheapest airfares to Nepal. So Book Early and SAVE BIG!

Please call us today @ (508) 203-4590 to talk to one of our Nepal Travel Experts and they will get you the best deal available.

You can also request an airfare quote by filling out our booking form in our website.

Happy Last Minute Dashain Airfare Shopping & Affordable Winter Traveling,

Nepal Travels Team

Turkish Airlines, Very Brief Overview

Turkish Airlines will be operating 4 flights a week in the Kathmandu-Istanbul-Kathmandu sector from September 2013, and has launched special fares from cities in the United States to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Many of our clients have been asking about the quality of service and reputation of the airline, since it is not popular with travelers to Nepal; hence, this post aims to give you a brief description of the airline and provide links so that our valued clients can also do their own research.

One of the most reliable ways to get information about an airline is through SKYTRAX, which is the “world largest airline review site.” SKYTRAX rates Turkish Airlines as a 4-Star airline. As of this writing, there are 34 airlines that are rated 4-stars and just 7 airlines that are 5-star rated. Please visit this link to see the full list.

Some of the 4-star airlines that currently have flights to Nepal are as follows: Dragon Air, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Oman Air, Silk Air, and Thai Airways.

You can also visit Turkish Airline’s official website here for more information.

Turkish Airlines was also named the Best Airline in Europe for 2012.


Fairfield Inn, Marriott in Kathmandu

The Nepal Hospitality Group has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Marriott International to open a four-star property, Fairfield in Kathmandu. This is yet another encouraging sign for the Nepal tourism & hospitality sector.

Recently Sheraton also announced plans to open a five-star property in Kathmandu, and Turkish Airlines is starting direct flights from Istanbul to Kathmandu from September 2013.

Direct Flights from Istanbul to Kathmandu-Turkish Airlines

Image Courtesy:

In another encouraging sign for Nepal’s aviation sector, Turkish Airlines has announced direct flights from Istanbul to Kathmandu. The flights will start from September 1, 2013; Turkish Airlines will be operating 4 flights a week in this sector, according to a press release.

This is amazing news for travelers from North America to Nepal, as travelers can now get a one-stop flight to Nepal from major cities. Turkish Airlines, a four-star airline, operates direct flights to over 200 destinations worldwide and several major cities in the United States and Canada. You can view the destinations here.

As of this writing, round trip fares from New York to Kathmandu for travel in September-onwards start from $1235 (inclusive of all taxes and fees)

Dashain & Tihar Airfares to Nepal

It would not be fair to say that Dashain & Tihar (Nepal’s biggest festival season) is here yet and get your hopes high; after all it is almost 4.5 months away. But as far as booking your travel plans go, it is safe to assume that Dashain & Tihar are already here.

Airfares to Nepal, similar to last year, will be rather high if you do not book on time. Even booking as early as today will not be very cheap so if you plan to travel to Nepal during September-October, we highly advise you to make your bookings as soon as possible.

Here are the exact Festival season dates:

Name of Festival Day Date
Ghatasthapana October 11, 2013
Phulpati October 12, 2013
Maha Astami October 13, 2013
Bijaya Dashami October 14, 2013
Ekadashi October 15, 2013
Dwadashi October 16, 2013
Laxmi Pooja November 3, 2013
Govardhan Pooja November 4, 2013
Bhai Tika November 5, 2013
Chhath Parba November 9, 2013


You can call us @ 1 (508) 203-4590 for bookings, or you can request an airfare quote here.


The Great one-Horned Rhino, Chitwan National Park

The image is of the Great one-horned Rhino and its calf. This picture was taken at the Chitwan National Park, Nepal during an elephant Jungle safari.

The rhino population has been growing steadily over the years, In Nepal. According to a report, a survey in 2011 indicated that there were 534 rhinos in Nepal an increase from 435 in 2008 and 372 in 2005.

The total population of rhinos in the wild was estimated at 2,575 in 2007.

Please visit the link below to learn about this beautiful animal, what is being done to protect them, and how you can contribute.

Sale Fares on Qatar Airways

We are glad to announce SALE FARES on Qatar Airways from Washington, Houston, and Chicago to Kathmandu.

Please see the details below:

Routes Available:




Round Trip Fares (Including all taxes):

Name of Airlines Departure City (Route) Round Trip Fares (Including all Taxes) Travel Before Date
Qatar Airways Washington (IAD) $1009 March 14, 2013
Qatar Airways Houston (IAH) $1100 March 14, 2013
Qatar Airways Chicago (CHI) $1299 April 10, 2013 – 12 June 2013

 Sale Fare Condition:

To get the deal you will have to purchase ticket by February 3, 2013.

To make a reservation please call us today @ 1 (508) 203-4590, or email us at

You can also click here to visit our website and fill out our booking request form.

Please note that these are special fares on a very good (5-star rated) airline, so please make the best of it if you plan to travel to Nepal soon and did not purchase a ticket in the previous Qatar Sale.

Also, please note that these promotional fares have significant cancellation and date change charges. Please be sure to consider them before purchasing the ticket.

Happy Traveling,

Nepal Travels

Cheap Flights from United States & Canada to Nepal

When do you plan to travel to Nepal and how early you book your ticket to Nepal are probably two of the most significant factors that will determine how much you pay. Last summer we had posted a blog: How to get a Cheap Ticket to Nepal; the factors mentioned there are still the same. The main factors are: book early, flexibility, avoid weekends, and airline high season.

As the summer travel season is just a few months away, we wanted to add a few things that are different this season. The first thing is demand for travel to Nepal has significantly increased. In 2012, a little less than 600,000 tourist visited Nepal by flight and approximately 700,000 Nepalese arrivals at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) were recorded.

An additional factor is the announcement by Gulf Air that they are cancelling all flights to Kathmandu, Nepal from March 25, 2013. This will put additional pressure on ticket prices from USA to Nepal; it was the cheapest option available.

Hence, if you plan to travel to Nepal, or any other destination, please call your travel agent as soon as your trip dates are confirmed. Nepal Travels recommends that you book as soon as possible to save big on airfare.

Gulf Air Cancels Kathmandu Flights

Gulf Air has announced the cancellation of all flights in the Bahrain-Kathmandu-Bahrain sector from March 24, 2013. It has also decreased the number of flight to 5 flights per week, from the existing 14 flights per week, from January 11, 2013. Gulf Air has cited “commercial reason” for the closure of its operation.

This closure announcement by Gulf Air will increase ticket prices for travel after March 24, 2013 from the east coast of the United States to Kathmandu, Nepal. However, there are still many airfare deals to Nepal, especially for passengers who book early. As we have always said previously, the surest way to get a good deal on air tickets to Nepal from the United States—is to BOOK EARLY!

Hence, if you plan to travel to Nepal this summer it is not too early to call your travel agent and make reservations. The difference in airfare prices for booking early and booking late could run into hundreds of dollars per person. Hence, book early to ensure that you pay less for flights!

Visit here to request an airfare quote from Nepal Travels, or you can call us at 1 (508) 203-4590!

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA): the Gateway for International Travelers to Nepal

The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal. It is located in the capital Kathmandu. According to recent data, TIA handled 2.09 million passengers during the period January 2012-September 2012; it handled approximately 2.7 million passengers in 2011 and is expect to handle around 3 million passengers in 2012. Currently 30 international carriers have schedule service to the Tribhuvan International Airport. In 2011, there were 22,792 flight arrivals and departure into and out of Kathmandu, Nepal.

For detailed information on the international flights to Kathmandu, Nepal, please visit our Flights Page. You will also find an interactive map that indicates all the non-stop flights to Nepal, and lets you see some of the major flight connections to Nepal from the United States and Canada.